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If you are looking for some job tips and tricks you are on the right place. This article is created to give you some tips and tricks for the job, to let you know how to apply for the job and how to be an outstanding candidate within this whole pool of new graduates, how a nice resume can do wonders for you and what you can buy from us. 

Most important tips and tricks are:

  1. Identify what you want to do:

Firstly, identify what you like! Whether you want to apply in a health sector or you want to work in an educational sector, or you want to work in any other sector within the development sector, you should be very clear on that. 

To identify, what is the perfect job for you, there are some options:

1. What are your strengths? Write down your strengths and look specifically for jobs with these skills!

2. Do an internship and find out what you enjoy!

3. Ask your friends and family what are you good at!

4. Search the internet for jobs that suit you!

  1. Put Your CV out there: 

There are chances that there are vacancies within the organization that only the people working in that organization know and those who have not been advertised. So, if you have a working resume send it and share it with other people.

  • Send applications to companies where you would like to work
  • Use your network! Ask family, friends and people on LinkedIn if they have informations for you
  • Write to headhunters and ask if there are currently vacancies for you
  1. Where to look for a job:

There are multiple ways of how to look for a job. You can look through the advertisements by multiple organizations or you can easily sign up on multiple platforms where different organizations list their vacancies. You can see which vacancy is best fit for you and can apply according to your education and preference.

  1. How to get yourself noticed:

In order to get noticed by the organization, you should know how to fill in your job application. The application varies from organization to organization. Some organizations require a more rigorous understanding of your academic background while others might be interested in knowing who you are as a person and what you will bring to the workforce. So these can be categorized as behavioral questions. You need to figure out what the application asks. If its behavioral then you first need to sit down, prepare a list of things that you have done in the past which portray you as the person who is going to bring about the dynamic change in the organization.

Before you fill out any application form you need to figure out how to show yourself as the best fit! The easiest way for this to do is to really study the job description out there in advertisement that you saw. Then notice what you have done and how you can sort of revise your resume, your cover letter and your application.

...a nice resume can do wonders for you! 😍

As we know that, “First impression is the last impression”. Your first impression that is your resume should be stand out from the others. Your resume should let the company know, even before they meet you, that you are the best fit for this position and nobody else.

For instance, if the company has asked for somebody who has experience working in excel then you will highlight this in your CV as this is one of the most important part.

The recruiter or somebody from the organization is looking at your CV; they are not going to spend hours reading every single thing that you have put in. So make sure that your format is:

  • Crisp and clean
  • Make it easy to navigate
  • Big bold headings so they can quickly scan your education
  • A fancy design is perceived as creativ
  • Stand out from the crowd by choosing an unique design

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