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This article is created to give you some tips and tricks for your resume.

What do you put in your resume?

  • Keywords:

Just remember to focus on keywords. As you know that there is a huge competition in finding your dream job as every other person applies for the job, your resume should be so promising and attractive that the organization choose you. Most organizations use application systems, customizing your CV every time you send it out is so important especially if you are using online application systems. Most organizations would just plug in the keywords that they put in the job advertisement and find resumes that match with that. If you aren’t using those keywords anywhere in your application, it’s unlikely that you will work through that filter and actually show up as a possible candidate, so you are going to miss an opportunity.

More about keywords here.

  • Your skills:

For the people who are fresh graduate or who have been working and now want to switch their job, it is really important to focus on transferrable skills and highlight the stuff on your resume. If you are fresh and have done a lot of extracurricular activities, you were a president of club or anything else, don’t just put down the title, talk about the skills that you picked up, and focus on stuff that would apply in the role you are applying for because a lot of the skills are definitely transferrable. Even if you want to switch from HR to marketing, there is definitely a lot of stuff that you have learnt in HR as a profession; that would apply in a marketing manager role. So, don’t just focus on just what you did but focus on the skills that position helped you develop.

  • Vocabulary and Helping verbs:

You should have a good vocabulary in order to describe your skills. You should use some eye catching helping verbs that will put an emphasis on your skills and will make your resume interesting to read.

More about verbs here.


  • Personal Details: Name, address, telephone number, E-Mail.
  • Summary: Here you describe yourself in two or three short sentences.
  • Objective: Here you formulate which job and position you are aiming for the company.
  • Skills: This point includes your languages skills and your IT skills or other skills that are relevant to the job.
  • References: Two people who can provide information about you and your career.
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Activities

Focus on Results:

One thing that people do not do when it comes to resume is actually talk about the results. 99% of the time people just give the list of their job description or their job responsibilities and don’t actually talk about what they achieved. Make sure that you use the numbers, include results and action words. Tell the organization what you are capable of doing rather than what you are expected to do.

Important things to keep in mind while writing your cover letter:

While writing your cover letter, most important things that should be kept in mind are:

  • Go beyond your resume:

You should go beyond your resume. Don’t just repeat what’s already there in your resume. This is the place to highlight your most relevant work experience – to say more than what you did at this role and talk about what you learnt at and how that can help you perform better at the position you are applying for.

  • Fill your gaps:

Use your cover letter to fill your gaps. Don’t apologize for not having enough experience or not meeting any of the job requirements (it just unnecessarily highlights what you don’t have) instead shine light on what you do have – some special skill, motivation to learn, leadership skills etc.

  • Keep your tone a bit less formal:

Your tone should not be so formal instead keep it less formal. Don’t be too casual.

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